Heavy clear coat to eliminate tape-lift, PIN theft


Easy release


Clear polystyrene base film


Features Stable Scratch, innovative synthetic scratch-coating that won’t

lock-up, allowing you to keep enough inventory on-hand without losing product


Approximately 7/10th mil specialized adhesive


Customizable with your choice of graphics, colours, shapes, tamper-resistant die-cut patterns and authenticating elements


Available in high-capacity roll formats


The best scratch-off value on the market today



Plastic Card Scratch-off


Who says you can’t have it all? Our plastic card scratch-off is formulated with proprietary chemicals that deliver superior bond, stability and flexibility. Constructed with a unique scratchable coating, our groundbreaking material holds up under die-cutting and high-temperature printing, while providing exceptional abrasion resistance.




Excellent abrasion resistance on gloss and matte PVC cards


High opacity


Easy release


Tape lift resistant


High silicone-content top coating


Clear poly substrate


Highly resistant to moisture


Remains unchanged throughout the manufacturing process*


Available in high-capacity roll formats


Customizable with the graphics, logos, colours, shapes and authenticating elements of your choice, this is your plastic scratch-off, your way


Paper Card Scratch-off


With the thinnest label materials and the most advanced adhesives, our Paper Card Scratch-off label is the clear choice for lasting performance. It’s the most secure paper scratch-off on the market and features a clear coat that eliminates tape-lift theft. It also has a unique scratch-coating system that prevents light degradation and lock-up.