TSSI Systems provides authentication and security systems to Companies, Banks, Institutions, MoD and Governments – helping our customers to manage risk more efficiently and cost-effectively. Based in the UK our class-leading technology and quality in standard and high-security magnetic tape has been established over a quarter of a century.


Millions of cards and tickets are produced each year by ticket manufacturers; plastic card, state & security printers using magnetic tape solutions from TSSI specified by mass transit providers; banks and building societies. TSSI Systems is the UK’s only manufacturer of magnetic tape for plastic cards and paper-based tickets, and is available as a transfer foil or as a laminate, meeting ISO 7811 standards.


TSSI possess a unique technology called Structured Magnetics where we have the ability to permanently encode a magnetic strip during the manufacturing process (with either unique numbers and batch codes). This technology has been sold into various markets such as passports, bank cards, telephone cards, access control, mass transit, savings books, ID cards (and other highly secure/valuable items, including packaging) since 1985 and has never been counterfeited.


Magnetic Tape – standard LoCo and HiCo tape for customer encoding (also magnetic labels)


Watermark – high-security structured magnetics for authenticating plastic cards


Deedmark – a hot foil or hot roll version of structured magnetics applied on paper documents


OpVantia – structured magnetic thread inserted into paper, or as tear tape


SmartMark – structured magnetic coated holograms


Magnetic Slurry – LoCo slurry is available for customers to coat directly onto their substrates Cards, Readers and Card Accessories.


Escrow tape -  for ATM’s


We also carry out subcontract coating using our narrow web coaters (305mm) and can coat with either water or solvent-based inks and adhesives.






TSSI Magnetics & Coatings is a new venture based on a heritage stretching over 25 years in providing security and authentication systems to companies, banks, institutions, and governments. The new venture concentrates on the key core Magnetic products and Coating abilities that have been developed and honed over the years. 

Originally part of Thorn EMI, and then for many years as TSSI, the company manufactured Watermark Magnetics® a highly secure form of magnetic stripe used in many applications including banking, transit, and access control.  The technology behind this has been used to provide security to both paper-based and plastic-based substrates and to date the technology has never been defrauded. Over the years the company expanded its activity in class-leading technology and quality in magnetic tape and coatings for magnetic stripe, RFID cards, biometrics and automated document readers to offer a range of products and solutions aimed at helping our clients securely validate people, documents, and transactions. 


Today, as TSSI Magnetics & Coatings we are now able to concentrate on our key core skills of Magnetic and web-based coatings. We remain the only UK manufacturer of magnetic tape and magnetic stripe technology, both in the form of the secure Watermark Magnetics® and in the form of the more commonly found plain tape, as seen in applications such as transit and parking tickets.