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• Solvent and water-borne based coatings


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  Uses Include


Passport Laminates and ID Card Pouches


Passport Overlays and transfer films


ID Card Laminates and Overlays


• Adhesive Coating


• Laquer coating and finishing


• Solvent and Ink trials









Access the expertise and experience of one of the world’s leading manufacturers of magnetic solutions for plastic cards and tickets. TSSI Magnetics & Coatings strong heritage sees over 25 year’s

experience of a wide range of coating and toll coating applications. Our expertise covers formulations and coatings in adhesives, solvents, lacquers, and inks. Plus we’ve built a sound working knowledge across a variety of substrates (down to 12μm in thickness). TSSI Magnetics & Coatings has the capacity to offer a con dential and professional subcontract, or toll coating service from our specialist facilities in Swindon, UK, fully equipped with mixing equipment, QA test equipment, and slitters. We guarantee effective project management of your requirements; ability to solve complex technical issues and a guarantee of environmental compliance. The technical capability of our highly trained and motivated workforce sees quality running through the operation. From a dedicated Account Manager for your contract, through process operators, technical, maintenance and support staff.

Dixon 164 Coater



The Dixon 164 coater is a development, or small-scale production

coater. Capable of handling both solvent and water-borne

coating systems. It can be configured to run either slot die or

gravure, and runs up to speeds of 60m/min.

Rapid changeovers minimise unit costs with maximum  flexibility.

A choice of anilox rollers between 60 and 260 lpi, include

several with multiple bands of different cuts, enabling a quick

determination of the appropriate roller required to produce the

desired coat weight



• Web width: up to 305mm

• Web length: up to 4000m

• Require 152mm id cores



Dixon 1020 Coater


Our Dixon 1020 coater has been specially engineered to

enable precision coating of high viscosity (1500-4000cps)

solvent-borne coatings, to a dry coating thickness of between

10 and 16 microns.The web speed has been reduced to a maximum of 18m/min in order to reduce the errors associated with jitter. This ensures uniformity of thicker coatings along the whole length of the run.

Two Spooner gas- red air ow ovens reduce stress;

and a NDC gauging system monitors coating thickness.

This machine is capable of handling films from a thickness of

6 microns upwards.



• Web width: up to 305mm

• Web length: up to 4000m

• Require 152mm id cores

• Web cleaning facilities


RK rotary coater produces continuous lengths of coated product, simulating a production environment

Especially designed to produce short lengths of coated product for development trials as well as further testing or

processing. Our machinery is powered by an air motor, giving constant torque to the web to ensure precision coating.

The coater runs at speeds of up to 50m/min dependent on the substrate and materials being coated. It is equipped with

two hot air ovens that run in an ATEX environment, allowing trials of both solvent-based and water-borne coatings.

This coater is typically capable of producing 500m lengths of coated web that can be slit as commercial samples.


• Gravure: 75 lpi or 120 lpi

• Reverse roll

• Meyer bar



• Width: Coating up to 280mm (maximum web width 305mm)

• Roll length up to 500m (coated length)

• Oven temp range: up to 100°C

• Core id 76mm



As part of the setup on the RK coater TSSI Magnetics & Coatings can offer a hot roll laminating head that is used

for hot roll foil trials as well as web wide lamination studies.



This device is used for draw down coatings, and has the facility for controlled speed and

pressure of the coating bar to ensure repeatable results.

• Coating by wire wound bars

• Coating areas up to 325 x 250mm

An extensive array of wire wound bars are available to give the following wet coat thicknesses:


4m   9m     40m   80m

5m   18m   50m   100m

6m    24m  60m   120m


All work subject to approved Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).