Contract Mixing


Our expertise in mixing coatings such as Magnetic slurries and inks, adhesives, and lacquers for use in our products has given a unique insight and understanding of mixing processes.

Within the production facility we have High Speed Dispersers (HSD) to mix lacquers, adhesives etc. and a choice of horizontal mills or Attritors for grinding processes.  Additionally we have a development laboratory, equipped with several different mills for pigment grinding; and mixing facilities to produce inks and adhesives.  As such we have the ability to provide small scale lab mixes up to 20kg, through to production mixes of 200kg per batch. 


The majority of our coatings and mixing work relate to solvent borne coatings, and we have the necessary skills, resources and licences to mix using solvents.  However we also have experience of water borne mixing and as such can offer the complete solution to your mixing requirements. 




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