Secure Magnetics is TSSI Magnetics & Coating's patented, ultra secure magnetic system that automatically authenticates that an item is genuine using its own, dedicated reader.

Unique active-reading technology means the read head is actively driven by the reading circuitry, instead of the reader passively detecting the magnetic field due to the polarisation of the tape.  This means the system is impossible to mimic.

An additional layer of data is added to a traditional magstripe LoCo tape (ISO 7811 compatible) during production. Individual numbers can be a unique or a repeating (batch) number and allocated to specific customers to avoid duplication/ or facilitate traceability. This additional layer is encoded into the wet coating before drying, which means that when dry it cannot be erased or removed without destroying the magnetic stripe itself.

The bespoke reader ensures the authenticity of a document and can transmit a number derived from the Secure Magnetic feature to a database system. The reader will also read ISODATA (Iterative Self-Organizing Data).

The ISODATA can also be read in a standard reader, leaving the additional data to be used for anti-counterfeiting or track and trace type protection layers. 

Plastic, thread or paper-based documents can all be made machine-readable by the incorporation of Secure Magnetics technology available for a variety of different applications.

"Watermark provides a very high level of security to the magnetic stripe whilst maintaining the compatibility with existing magnetic stripe readers….Watermark has been demonstrated to counter all known security threats"

Mr P. Y. Director, Technology Implementation, Payment Technologies, Visa International